Massage Aftercare

Updated: Feb 11

Every person's body reacts differently to massage. Each therapist's style is also different. Here you will find what to expect after your massage with us.

It is possible to experience any of the following after your massage:

  • Lightheadedness at the conclusion of the session

  • Muscle Tenderness

  • Redness or bruising

Your therapist may give you specific suggestions after your session. Remember that these are suggestions and not medical advice. You should always clear any fitness regimen or lifestyle changes with your physician first.

Cupping Therapy

Potential reactions to cupping are temporary and may include discoloration, local tenderness and redness, and/or itching due to toxins and old blood being brought to the surface. Decreased blood pressure due to vasodilation and/or nervous system sedation may also be experienced. You may feel fatigued the day after cupping as your body processes the toxins released.

Cupping Therapy Aftercare

• If you have to take a shower the same day, please make it a lukewarm water shower.

• Avoid steam, sauna, and exercise after Massage Cupping.

• Drink plenty of water.

• Avoid exposure to the sun for a minimum of 24 hours and optimally until the discoloration is faded. It is best

to keep the area covered.

Cupping Therapy Potential Effects

• Most of the discoloration will fade in 2-3 days. If some areas take longer to clear it may indicate a lack of circulation to that area of the body.

• Occasionally the skin will feel tender with an increased feeling of warmth and range of motion.

• If you received cupping for muscular pain, take it easy even if you feel a lot better for a few days.

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