Is Sports Massage For Me?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Sports massage can sound like an intimidating treatment for some people. I often hear, “Do I need to be a professional athlete to get a sports massage?” when I tell people what I do. The short answer is, “No.”

Sports Massage is a pretty broad term, and I believe that it can apply to a wide range of people. Yes, professional and elite level students-in-training are often the kind of movers you see in a sports massage setting, but it has the potential to help so many more people.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a style of massage that incorporates deep tissue techniques, myofascial trigger point release, muscle scraping, stretching, and sometimes the use of cups or Kinesio taping within the context of what I call a “mover”. That is someone who is highly active day-to-day to improve in their selected activity. This could apply to any of the following:

  • Elite level Athletes in organized competitive sports

  • Amateur athletes of all levels

  • Hikers

  • Walkers

  • Dancers

  • Gym enthusiasts

  • Yogis

  • Other Bodyworkers

  • So many more!

How does Sports Massage Improve Performance?

Sports massage has the potential to improve performance, prevent injury, and recover from injury in several different ways. The following are the techniques I use.

Trigger Points

When muscles are tight due to stress, poor posture, body mechanics, or overuse, they form what are called trigger points. Trigger points are taut bands within a muscle that cause referred pain (pain that is felt elsewhere in the body.) These trigger points can cause reduced power or mobility, pain, and have the potential to cause injury.