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We believe in supporting our whole community. Here you will find our partners in wellness.


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Our Partners

Elkins Spark Fitness

Elkins Spark Fitness is a community based on energy and health.  We are a full-service personal training studio, with no intimidation and complete transparency. 


We are committed to educating and training the community through fitness while providing an unparalleled experience.  Our staff is specialized, diverse, and engaged, and our commitment to individual growth is unmatched.  At Elkins Spark Fitness, you’re not just a number; you’re a mother, a son, an uncle.  You’re an athlete.

Located in the Yorktown Plaza, Elkins Spark is within walking distance of both the community and other local businesses, making our mission to bring accessible, specialized fitness to the community all the more possible.

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Two Hearts Dance & Yoga

Two Hearts Dance & Yoga provides community-based, accessible dance & yoga instruction, offering private lessons, specialized movement classes, and community events for every body in motion.


We are now virtual, so tune into us from anywhere in the world! Join us for a class by visiting


Take your first class free using code HEART20 when you sign up! All are welcome!

Check out our interview on the Two Hearts Youtube channel!

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The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science is a global network of medical professionals, educators, dancers, and researchers. They are committed to dancers' health and improving health through dance.

As a member of IADMS, we have access to the cutting edge of dance medicine research and are more capable of understanding the nuanced needs of dancers of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines.

We, too are committed to the welfare of dancers through our offering of massage therapy and stretching programs.

IADMS Member